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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Now Eidos says the PS3 price drop isn't enough

Let me tell you where I stand on all these 'the price drop won't help' announcements.

They're all a load of bull.

Simply put, most of them are just CEOs and other company officers posturing publicly for a better deal with Sony by saying "there just aren't enough units in the field for an exclusive/deal''.

In this case, Eidos CEO Bill Gardner has at least had the good sense in his interview with to state that he believes the PS3 to be good value. But he still falls into the old 'price cut is not enough' speech.

Just looking at the facts, the US price cut (which of course hasn't affected anyone else in the world) have resulted in doubling the weekly sales over there. The PS3 is now outselling the Xbox 360 each week in the States and is started to buck the trend.

It's time for CEOs to stop posturing publicly and start focussing on just having their people produce great games for our beloved PS3. Sometimes the posturing works out for them. Sometimes not.

Konami for instance went down this route the day before the price drop, and then saw their position weakened when stories hit the 'net about the 1800% sales hike at Amazon.

Whether the price drop ensures that the PS3 sells what it is capable of selling is irrelevant unless the developers produce real next-gen experiences that push the system, both technically and into the homes of consumers across the globe.

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