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Thursday, 19 July 2007

PS3 outsells Xbox 360 in the US

So, after all the hubbub (is that how you spell that?) over Peter Moore's disparaging comments about the PS3 in Japan, and our expose of the truth, it turns out the the PS3 is actually outselling the Xbox 360 in the US.

The figures from last week's sales show the PS3 selling 41,005 units and the X360 selling 35,084 units.

Nintendo still rule the roost of course with 76,394 Wiis sold. If you add together all Sony platforms (PSP, PS2 and PS3) then you get 135,301 units across the US. MS on the other hand total 35,095 units.

Yes - 11 people bought the original Xbox in the US last week. Nice.

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Nick said...

Where do they even sell the original XBOX? Is it really cheap or is it still $150 US? I wonder.

Just goes to show that the XBOX just doesn't have the staying power of the Sony powerhouse that is PlayStation3. As soon as Gates realizes his XBOX full circle has proved a complete loss and no profits are posted per their recent announcement, then maybe they'll pull the plug on XBOX Live, screwing all XBOX fanboys and returning them to their rightful place on the PSN.

19 July 2007 16:04  

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