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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Cheap UK PS3; deal or no deal?

A few people are reporting on the low cost UK PS3 available at today.

Don't get me wrong, a penny under £330 is great news for UK consumers.

But it comes on it's own with no games and only the one controller. Assuming you want to actually play some next generation titles on your shiny new PS3, you might want to add a few of the great titles that are available and maybe add an extra controller to play with your family and friends.

Given that games are around £30-£50 each, and a controller comes in at £35, you're talking about adding at least £125 to get three games and a controller. Which would make the total £455.

Whilst that's still less than I personally paid at launch, Game UK are doing a bundle that includes three games and an extra controller with your PS3 for only £424.99. And if you join their reward scheme you'll get an extra £10 back in vouchers against your next purchase. That gives you an extra £41 to play with over the ShopTo price - enough for your fourth game...

It's a good deal at ShopTo if you just want the best Blu-ray player on the market, but I'll plump for Game UK if you want to see everything that your PS3 can do...

[via PS3 Fanboy, N4G forums, and others]

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