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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Euro PSN updates for today

You should see the following new items in the PSN for Europe today:

  • Gran Turismo PS Premiere Event Trailer (free)
  • Heavenly Sword Legend of the Sword video (free)
  • Heavenly Sword Making of video (free)
  • Ghost Rider movie trailer (free)
  • The Covenant movie trailer (free)

Again, we're starting to slip back into some fairly pointless updates. Most of this stuff can already be found playing on PS3s via YouTube...

Where's the demo of Ratchet & Clank we announced? Where's the puzzler launched on US stores (Piyotama - which was already in Japan two months earlier).

Sony still have a way to go to keep Euro customers happy and, even better than that, align releases so that we can all just have one login and we all get everything at the same time. Some dream, huh?

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Anonymous Reese said...

I have the funniest feeling that we'll see an amazing PSN update soon. When? Oh, I don't know...maybe sometime in September...maybe around the time Halo 3 ships. God forbid we get a Lair demo anytime soon. Whaddya think about a MGS4 demo for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

09 August 2007 21:38  
Anonymous Broken Haiku said...

Not to mention, when do we see the Blast Factor Update?

10 August 2007 15:47  

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