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Monday, 6 August 2007

My take on the GTA: IV delay

Apart from getting some well-needed R&R, there's another reason I wanted to hold back before reporting about the whole GTA: IV delay story.

Everyone and his dog reported the delay and of course the internet went wild with rumours that the PS3/Xbox was at fault. The PS3 is too difficult to develop for. The game won't fit on an Xbox 360 DVD. Things always have to be someone's fault you see... it couldn't possibly be that Rockstar just want to make sure the game doesn't suck on release, could it?

Imagine, if you will, the game coming out in October and crashing every ten minutes. Or the graphics aren't what was expected. Or the glitches coming thick and fast. What would everyone say to Rockstar then?

I appreciate it was a hard decision for them to push the release date past their current financial year end and therefore take a profit hit and subsequent pasting from the stock markets, but if the product needed polishing and improving before release, we should all be happy they took that decision rather than release something that is not finished for the sake of the markets.

What's nice to see is that after GTA: IV Rockstar will basically be focussing on the PS3 exclusively for a while with LA Noire, a new as-yet-untitled PS3 game and (according to one podcast) Read Dead Revolver 2.

As usual, everyone needs to calm down and stop pointing the finger solely at the PS3. Look at what's already to come this year - we're gonna have a job earning enough money to buy all the expected AAA titles, so in fact this could work out very well in favour of the other awesome games that hit before Christmas.

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Anonymous Reesimo! said...

I imagine the delay of GTAIV was brought about by a myriad of issues, but I also agree that the game could probably benefit from extra development time. And it's great for other games that might have flown under the radar. Also, Rockstar and Sony have both stated that the super secret exclusive game in development is a new IP. So a sequel to Revolver is probably out of the question. Great read Dolph!

07 August 2007 15:56  

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