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Saturday, 11 August 2007

RUMOUR: PS3 firmware 2.0 does not include in-game XMB

We've done just about as terrible a job at predicting what's coming in the next firmware as everyone else, so when I saw this list of supposed features coming in v2.0 at The Video Gaming Report, I took it with more than the grain of salt the author suggests. Think more of an entire barrel of salt.

However, the rumour does seem to be written with more detail than many previous attempts, so maybe it has a little more truth to it.

As well as confirming that there will be no in-game XMB yet, the source of the news reveals that 2.0 will include an updated browser (update the flash player and other features), security for items on your HDD and the possible inclusion of the Playstation Home icon on the XMB.

I guess only time will tell if these tidbits are any more real than the dozens of other firmware tips we've been getting that never come true.

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Blogger zyxses said...

The browser/flash player is pathetic. It was redundant before the PS3 was even released!
That 'do you want to run the plug-in' message has to go.
And am I the only one who's screen freezes when using the browser?

20 August 2007 03:21  

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