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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The skating wars heat up as Skate gets 5/5 on the Bravo channel did a spot on the forthcoming EA title, Skate.

Whilst they admitted it takes a while to get used to the control mechanism, it seems that once you do get the hang of it the game feels much more like real skating than any of the Tony Hawk franchise.

They gave Skate 5 out of 5. Other sites have also given Skate great reviews, with scores ranging from 8.5 to 9.5 out of 10. With the Tony Hawk's Proving Ground demo playing well on the PS3, it seems we really have a bone fide competition on our hands.

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Anonymous said...

Skate demo possibly coming this week.


19 September 2007 03:15  
DolphGB said...

I heard this might be coming soon.

Apparently the stories about Sony having had this demo for ages aren't true - EA only delivered it last week...

19 September 2007 15:34  
reesimo said...

Fence-sitters rejoice! It's at the US store and you can also play Tony Hawk. Decisions, decisions...

20 September 2007 19:54  
KosmoCrisis said...

No decisions necessary. If you want something new and are sick of snapping to rails and doing 200,000 point kickflip to grab to revert to manual to grind to special grind to nollie to grab to manual to 900 to spine transfer to revert to manual......... then choose skate. Because of its simplistic take on skating and funfactor you'll be bragging about kickflip to grind, then sliding off the rail and sticking the manual and kickflipping out of that.

Tony Hawk games are now obsolete. I can't wait for Skate.

22 September 2007 11:57  

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