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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

BAFTA Video Games Awards; PS2 keeps Sony in the game

Wii Sports was the expected big winner in the video game BAFTAs yesterday, and rightly so. If the PS3 had a game that accessible and was so much fun the 'doom-mongers' would have to completely eat their words.

Hopefully with the PS Eye coming this week, Ratchet & Clank getting 'best ever' reviews and so many great titles on the way we'll start to enjoy similar success on our favourite platform. Not to mention Play TV, Home and other great enhancements from January 2008 onwards.

So which PlayStation titles did get the famous statue?

Okami - certainly one of the my favourite ever PS2 titles - won the 'Artistic Achievement' award and 'Original Score' award.

God of War 2 picked up the 'Story and Character' award and 'Technical Achievement' award.

Both great PS2 titles of course. Nothing for the PS3, despite nominations for Heavenly Sword, Resistance and Motorstorm.

Still - good that Wii Sports didn't run away with every award (just six of the thirteen available!).

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