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Sunday, 28 October 2007

GameCity 07; credit where it's due

GameCity was enjoyable if a little 'spread out'. Anyone who knows me appreciates I'm not too great at walking, so it was a bit cruel having the convention across different venues in the city of Nottingham.

Along the way I met some great people and wanted to just say thank you to Alison Beasley of Lincoln Beasley PR for all her help.

As well as all the excellent photos taken by Jon Jordan which you'll find on Flickr there was a hugely talented artist/doodler/salad enthusiast going by the name of Jon Burgerman.

Are all talented people called Jon I wonder?

Jon Burgerman was doodling away during the Curry on Gaming dinner and I have to admit I was fascinated. His work wouldn't look out of place at Clover Studios (Capcom) or in a game by Takahashi in fact. Above you'll find the doodle Jon did of me (I explained that I like cats, so naturally he made me into one), but you can also find out more at his website or his excellent Flickr pages.

And what can I say about the Curry on Gaming session?

"You had to be there..."

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