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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

GTA IV coming to PS3 in October?

Could GTA IV be the center of the big October 12th announcement we discussed yesterday?

Everyone is assuming that the 'big bang' announcement from Sony will be based around a 40Gb PS3, and I have no reason to think any different. Well, I had no reason.

After a tip from N4G yesterday I did some digging around. Rather than just accept the link, I followed the links through for myself from the official PlayStation homepage and it does appear that SCEE know something we don't.

If you browse the PS3 games list, it says "Grand Theft Auto IV is now finally on the horizon" and if you look at the GTA IV game page the release date is October 2007.

So, I tried to check what the PS3 games pages looked like in the past using the Wayback Machine. That didn't help, as the GTA IV page isn't indexed yet.

Rockstar have said GTA IV won't come along until 2008. It hit their share price massively when they announced that news. But there is a school of thought that says they had issues getting it onto the Xbox 360 because they just don't have the storage capacity they need without Blu-ray. With Halo 3 doing so well, maybe Sony have stepped in to provide some assistance (monetary and otherwise) to get the product out the door before Christmas.

The jury is therefore out on whether this is a mistake (the official website is rife with release date errors, after all) or a real deal. Personally, I think it's a red herring.

Regardless, I guess that October 12th announcement can't come soon enough. Only then will We Know The Truth.

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Reesimo said...

Hmmmm. I don't know DolphGB, seems too good to be true. This 'Big Bang' announcement could only be the new PS3 sku. Sony could surely use some great publicity now. Mostly because I'm soooo sick of Halo 3. Fingers crossed.

02 October 2007 16:12  
DolphGB said...

I am expecting the 12th to be all about the new PS3, but there's a slim chance other items could be involved. I mean, just imagine a new 40Gb SKU with GTA IV bundled before November... hmmmmmm

02 October 2007 17:46  
Anonymous said...

GTA 4 would be dope shiz, but since i dont have a ps3 yet a 40 gb would be nice then i can save money and put in a real hard drive myself. I just hope sony beats xbox, i hate the xbox halo freaks as well. haha.

04 October 2007 00:03  
FUNNYMAN said...

I would wait for a 2008 release because if it comes out his year, then it will feel rushed.

07 October 2007 22:48  

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