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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

GTA IV to feature 16-way multiplayer

According to details given by Rockstar Games at the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event in Toronto, GTA IV will feature a multiplayer mode that allows 16 people to frag, slice and dice their way across Liberty City.

There aren't many other details available but people are already talking about how they'll handle the 'map' problem. Do you reveal it, piece by piece, as the game goes on or unlock the entire city from the start?

Personally I wonder if they'll go with a separate multi-player menu that kicks you into pre-determined maps (since 16 players across the entire map would be daft - you'd find it hard to actually find anyone else), or if they go with the old multiplayer icon that then 'ring fences' that immediate area for the players.

If they did the latter, you could still have the 'revealing map' process since only people who have played the single player mode could get to the better multi-player maps - a reward system if you like.

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