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Monday, 1 October 2007

"On the 12th day of October, Sony gave to me"...

Rumours are rife that Sony will be making a big announcement on the 12th October.

Now, fact is we all know the most likely things that they'll announce - the fabled 40Gb PS3. But what do we think they will really say, versus what the Internet suggests?

The 40Gb PS3 will have no backwards compatibility and no USB ports?

Probably fake. The lack of backwards compatibility would mean that Sony would need to maintain two sets of firmware for the PS3, and they're unlikely to want to double development and support costs. And no USB ports would mean no charging for the controllers and no peripheral support.

Sony will announce a £299 PS for the UK

Most likely true. The new 40Gb PS3 that everyone expects Sony will announce should come in at $400 which is £199. But we're used to paying over the odds in Britain, so we'll have £100 lumped on for good measure and for no reason.

The new DualShock 3 controller will ship with the new PS3 model

Probably true. The timing would work out quite well for Japanese models, since the DS3 is due to be release in November over there and the 40Gb PS3 is being slated for a November release too. But the DS3 doesn't arrive here until next Spring, which would make it difficult to release the DS3 with the new PS3 in European territories.

Bluetooth and WiFi will be better on the new PS3

Most likely true. There's a good chance the new PS3 will be better in some respects to the existing 60Gb model, and bluetooth, WiFi and the 65nm chipset are all good candidates in the improvement stakes.

All in all, I'm expecting that on October 12th we'll hear about a new PS3 model with a smaller hard drive, better bluetooth and WiFi and probably the DS3 controller to ship for $400 or £299 in the UK and be released in time for Christmas. We'll know for sure in less than a fortnight.

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Reesimo said...

Sony knew that the early adopters would pony up the loot for the PS3. Now, they're faced with selling a system that induces sticker-shock in most consumers. I can't say that I'm comfortable with the ammount of skus and bundles they're putting out. Most people will be confused. There needs to be a refreshed advertising push--at least here in the US. Wishing them the best of luck, though.

02 October 2007 00:22  
FUNNYMAN said...

I keep hearing about this rumor, but it never seems like there is anything to it. I will keep a lookout for this and mark the date on my calendar. I already own a PS 3, so I could care less if they drop the price.

07 October 2007 22:49  

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