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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

PS3 firmware 2.00; indications of impending inevitability

I've largely given up on reporting rumours here at PS3 Attitude, since they hardly ever come true. We're just trying to bring the news, people.

So when I saw the perennial "2.0 is coming" rumour at Kotaku I was sceptical. To be fair to Kotaku, they were taking it with a pinch of salt too. The rumour was that 2.0 was coming on 30th October, which even the most inebriated reader will recognise as 'today'.

But then a funny thing happened. I switched on my PSP and checked the available updates to find a new firmware. Version 3.72 of the PSP firmware adds the PSP Remote Start feature we reported earlier this year (according to the official PlayStation website - the PSP Update only mentions additional support for PS titles).

The catch?

Remote Start requires PS3 Firmware 2.0, according to the website notes.

When we last had a joint PSP/PS3 firmware update, they were only one to two days apart across all territories. Which leads me to believe we're going to get 2.0 by the end of the week.

Now for the inevitable rumours about what 2.0 includes... PlayStation Home anyone? Nah - can't be...

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Anonymous Scott said...

Now for the inevitable rumours about what 2.0 includes... PlayStation Home anyone? Nah - can't be...

I dont think we would get Home before the japanese. But it would be rad.

30 October 2007 22:34  
Blogger Broken Haiku said...

The way people have been building up expectations for 2.0 it can't be anything but a belly flop when it arrives.

31 October 2007 03:01  
Anonymous Reesimo said...

I hope you're wrong broken haiku. I really want my in-game XMB, dammit!

31 October 2007 09:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it will come out midnight tonight.(for me anyway, east coast america) alot of past updates came out at midnight wendsday. and i think there is suppose to be a new icon under network on the XMB. i think it was seen in the nobi nobi boy video or whatever that game was called.

31 October 2007 20:00  
Blogger Broken Haiku said...

reesimo: I think we'll get that, but I also think it'll only work on those games that will specifically support it. We'll see. I just think we have way too high expectations right now, people want the moon from 2.0.

I'd be glad just for W.O.L. support from the PSP, categories for media and games. Let's cross our fingers!

31 October 2007 21:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt they already announce playlists for video and music will be added and also custom themes with one free one and the rest will cost money? or are these rumors?

31 October 2007 23:16  

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