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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

PS3 SingStar delayed again; X-Factor rejects weep

It's becoming a bit of a tired refrain.
SingStar has been delayed yet again.
The karaoke hit title is still being tested.
Our patience has once again been bested.

I should promise not to sing songs.
About SingStar, that would be wrong.
But I can't help myself at this time.
So I made up this silly rhyme.

Oh SingStar
Where have you been
Oh SingStar
In which year will you be seen
Oh SingStar
I can't wait any more
Oh SingStar
Someone show me the door

[Repeat until head explodes]

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Scott said...

its not always a bad thing to be delayed. I would rather prefer a game to be delayed than have a game rushed in development. It will be better since more time was worked on it :D

09 October 2007 21:45  
FUNNYMAN said...

I agree. It is better to get things right the first time than have to endure another disaster like Lair.

10 October 2007 05:34  

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