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Thursday, 4 October 2007

US PS Store updates for 4th October

So, what did the US get that we didn't this week?

Here's the list of US PS Store releases, although as of writing this they haven't appeared on the network:

  • Go! Sports Ski Game ($2.99)
  • The Simpsons Demo
  • Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War Demo
  • NBA 08 and Eye of Judgment Video Tutorials
  • Uncharted Behind the Scenes Video
  • Haze developer interview Video
  • Tekkonkinkreet Movie Trailer
  • Surf's Up Movie Trailer

The Go! Sports Ski game is remarkably cheap. I thought LocoRoco Cocoreccho was cheap when it came out in the UK, but $2.99 (£1.46 or so) is amazing. Even if they swap the Dollar sign for a Pound sign when it hits Europe it'll still be good value.


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Anonymous Reesimo said...

Hey, Dolph! I've always loved the SSX games on the PS2. I've waited for an announcement of their newest incarnation for far too long. If 'Go Ski!' is my only chance at an arcade-like downhill experience on the be it. Hopefully it doesn't suck balls. I mean at $3.00 you can't go wrong, right? Well, apparently something's wrong in PSN Land. It's 9:04pm and the update still hasn't gone down yet. I'll just check it out in the morning. Oh yeah, the Simpsons game looks hot.

05 October 2007 02:06  
Blogger KosmoCrisis said...

The update did take a while to post. It wasn't until around 7pm PST in California when it was updated.

I haven't heard anything good about Go! Ski. I would be cautious. If it was a good game, wouldn't it be more expensive???

07 October 2007 12:40  
Blogger KosmoCrisis said...

I just noticed that the UK PSN Store update shows wallpaper downloads when the US Store has had tons of them available each week but they aren't making it into the list. What's up with that???

07 October 2007 12:41  
Blogger FUNNYMAN said...

A Simpsons demo! Great find. I will have to look for it on PSN.

07 October 2007 22:44  

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