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Thursday, 11 October 2007

US PS Store updates for 11th October

The jewel in the PS Store update crown goes to the US. Putting us into complete shade once more our friends across the pond have just received a veritable smorgasbord of PlayStation joy:

  • Everyday Shooter Full Game ($9.99)
  • Ratchet & Clank Demo (as predicted)
  • Conan Demo
  • NHL 2K8 Demo
  • Folklore Launch Trailer
  • Uncharted BTS Part 2 Video
  • Fallout 3 Trailer
  • Walk Hard Movie Trailer
  • The Assassination of Jesse James Movie Trailer
  • Spiderwick Chronicles Trailer

There may be some wallpapers thrown in there too, but I'd already lost the will to find more content by then given the state of the EU Store update.

So if you're in the US, or if you have a US account, enjoy playing one of the standout games that I'm sure is going to sell PS3's everywhere - welcome back Ratchet & Clank; we missed you.

And let's not forget the psychedelic Everyday Shooter. If you can't remember what it looks like, take a trip back in history to when we featured the video in July.

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KosmoCrisis said...

The wallpapers include Ratchet & Clank images and Everyday Shooter. No Conan wp. But that's okay because the game is not at all what I expected. A little advice if you're looking forward to this holiday gem, don't set your expectations too high; as in God of War high like I did.

It's a repetitive hack 'n slash with horrendous cutscenes, voice overs, and graphics. Like I said, NOT what I was anticipating what so ever.

Ratchet definitely stole the show. Cheers.

14 October 2007 19:06  
FUNNYMAN said...

Why would the Folklore trailer be on PSN if the game is already out in the US?

16 October 2007 01:43  

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