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Monday, 22 October 2007

Worried about Eye of Judgement cards in the UK?

If you look at the Wizards of The Coast website (the people who produce the cards for The Eye of Judgement as well as iconic games like Magic: The Gathering), you'll find the UK distribution network less than inspiring.

I mean, who really wants to trot down to their not-so-local local Dungeons & Dragons hovel to get cards for a video game?

So you will be pleased to hear that as from this Friday (in line with the launch of the much anticipated PS3 exclusive) GAME are going to stock the cards across their 700+ stores in the UK and across Europe.

To help budding UK players, GAME will be running an offer in the first two weeks after launch whereby you will get 'starter' and 'booster' packs at a lower-than-usual price of £4.99 and £1.49 respectively if bought with the game. These will usually be priced at £7.99 and £2.99.

We're pretty sure other video game retailers will follow suit but we couldn't get any other chains to comment ahead of the launch. Since GAME control about 80% of the UK video game marketplace it's a safe bet most of our UK readers will high-tail it down to their local store anyway.

It's not clear on whether GAME will continue to stock the cards forever - that will depend on how many Eye of Judgement packs fly out the door.

So if you want to do your bit to ensure a steady stream of card packs without having to take a trip down Nerd Lane, go pre-order The Eye of Judgement now.

Note to SCEA - I refuse to spell it Judgment! This is the Queen's English wot I speak.

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Blogger Matt A said...

Thanks for this - my son (10yrs old) is counting the days to launch and is planning to buy a pack of cards each week till he has built up several decks.
Nice to know that GAME will be stocking the cards - will be interesting to see how long it takes Ebay to be selling singles / rare cards etc.

22 October 2007 17:04  
Blogger DolphGB said...

You bet Matt - I was wondering the same thing. Since all the rarest cards are naturally the most powerful, there may be a real market for them...

22 October 2007 17:07  

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