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Monday, 26 November 2007

European PS3 releases for week beginning 26th November

With all the titles that have been launched over the last few weeks still taking pride of place in our wallets, you'd think things would slow down.

And whilst three out of the four games on offer this week can't be listed as A, let alone AAA, there is a tiny jewel in the crown. Stranglehold finally makes it's way to European shelves. The game has been reviewed by many who say it's a little repetitive, but the demo showed there was a certain amount of joy to be had shooting people in the nuts in slo-mo!

The demo is available on the PS Store so you can see if it's your bag or not. Still, if you're not sure you could always rent it out from someone like GameTart.

Here's the list:

  • Cars: Mater-National
  • John Woo presents Stranglehold
  • Blazing Angels: Secret Missions of World War II
  • The Golden Compass
Clich the links to pre-order any of these and have them delivered on launch day.

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