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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

PSP gaining full access to the PlayStation Network?

Recently, PS3 owners received another terms and conditions update notification by email.

As usual, we went digging around to see what had changed.

Apart from all the usual 'don't upload nasty things' stuff that had already appeared in some parts of the last update, we noticed a glaring new addition - the constant mention of the PSP.

Now whilst this may just be a legal department being extra zealous, there is a good chance that this version of the agreement (version 4.0 in SCEE terms, 2.0 in SCEA terms) points the way to the PSP being able to access the PSN directly.

This is not the first time we have thought this at PS3 Attitude. When the PSP Remote Play via Internet feature launched we noted that the need to sign in to the PSN using your email address. We thought this already pointed to direct access to your Friends and other PSN features.

And we already know from various announcements that the PS3 will become a 'hub server' for various other Sony platforms, including the PSP. Imagine connecting multiple PSPs to your PS3 to stream your movies, music, TV and other HDD content to several PSP devices. That would make the PS3 rival devices like Slingbox and Philips Streamium.

Now it would appear these latest Ts&Cs changes shore up those points of view. It's just rumour and speculation right now, but will we see direct PSP access to the PSN soon?

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Reesimo! said...

Great story, DolphGB. I remember Sony stating a couple years ago, that the PSP would be able to connect to an online store to download movies and games. They've mentioned this many times and it hasn't come to be yet. This will not only benefit consumers who do not yet own a PS3, but deal a mighty blow to the Nintendo DS. On another note, I've gotta say I too want my ingame XMB. It's been said thousands of times and I just shrugged my shoulders. I tried to open a room in Tekken Online and invite two of my friends to play. We all tried opening rooms and invite each other. The worst part is that we constantly quit our game to communicate with each other in order to fix the problem. I always get messages while playing games and don't want to be rude by not answering. However, I don't want to simply quit my game to access the XMB. Just a random peeve. Keep up the great work Dolph. It is appreciated.

13 November 2007 21:45  

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