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Thursday, 8 November 2007

[UPDATE] A selection of PS3 Themes for your enjoyment

So, you've got firmware 2.00 now - right?

And you've played around with the XMB customisation, yeah?

So by now you're already sick of just flipping between the original and Air Paint themes, aren't you?

PS3 Attitude comes to the rescue with these three official themes from the land of the rising sun. You can download them and put them on a USB stick, Memory Stick or other external media in a folder called PS3-->THEME and then Install them from the Themes menu.

Or you can browse PS3 Attitude on your PS3 and click on the theme of your choice below. This route is simpler as it will Install the new PS3 themes for you.

Just click the preview picture of the theme you'd like and off you go!

More themes will follow soon...

If you're more adventurous and want to create your own theme, PlayStation Australia now have the Theme Compiler with English instructions.

[UPDATE] Some people are experiencing an issue when trying to download these via the PS3 browser. If you have a problem, hope over to the Japanese PlayStation website and try there instead whilst I fix things here...



Classy Pink

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

using the PS3 browser doesn't seem to work all i got was a page with a load on questions marks,

08 November 2007 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On all the websites i have tried, the p3tcompiler comes up for less than a second, then closes. This has happened with more than just me.

08 November 2007 20:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me 2

08 November 2007 20:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

because your both fucking stupid and should learn to read.

08 November 2007 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be really great if someone could make a tutorial detailing exactly what to do to create your own themes for people like me that need things spelled out when it comes to scripting. I know that it will be a while before someone does, as this was just released, but it will be great when they do. At the very least, some examples would be nice.

09 November 2007 00:28  
Anonymous reesimo said...

Jesus... Anyway, thanks for the themes Dolph. Starting to make my own now. I was wondering if you own a US PS3 since the Uncharted demo is region-locked. I was telling a few other friends to download it NOW, but they couldn't. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I've got four other accounts and I'd miss some of their content.

09 November 2007 00:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After you have access the p3tcompiler's file, click on the sample file and browse through until you found sample.xml file and right click the mouse and choose open with p3complier program. ENJOY!

09 November 2007 04:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[gerrman] bei mir kann ich das nicht öffnen

[english] I can't open this ps3 theme compiler

please help


09 November 2007 07:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just opened 2 windows in explorer side by side and dragged sample.xml from one to ps3comiler in the other .....

09 November 2007 15:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Themes are available for Download on the Playstation Network.

09 November 2007 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's an OS/X based theme i created, hope all the f--ktards above learn to read, it's not that hard to figure out how to make them, i used notepad and paintshop, then rewrote the .xml file to suit my design and compiled it.

11 November 2007 21:44  
Anonymous Flame said...

There's also the nice "Sample" theme that comes uncompiled with the tool.

Also check out

13 November 2007 02:32  
Anonymous johnno1986 said...

I can't get the compiler to work. The compiler opens for a second and then shut. Help!!!

02 December 2007 12:07  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Remember, the compiler is not a Windows Application with a nice user interface - it is a 'command line' application. Launching it by itself won't do anything but open a screen for about 1 second.

Read through the instructions again but if you want a better experience, try the Theme Compiler software which you'll find hosted at PS3-Themes - a link to their site is in our left sidebar.

03 December 2007 15:40  

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