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Monday, 19 November 2007

Want PS3 themes? Head to PS3-Themes!

We were seriously thinking about adding a PS3 theme area here at PS3 Attitude. And then the guys at came along and did such a good job, we really don't feel the need any more.

So if you want PS3 themes that you can download either via your PC or directly with your PS3 browser head on over there and grab whatever you like.

Some of theme are a bit hit-and-miss but generally the themes people are creating are of a high calibre. I got the 'Half Life 2 #2' theme today and it's very well done.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

also check out

lots of themes and easy to navigate

19 November 2007 19:38  
Anonymous Reesimo said...

I keep putting it off. I've got to try to make a few themes. Have you given it a go, Dolph?

21 November 2007 02:13  

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