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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

February fallout; PS3 Attitude Big Three

Yes, it's that time of the month where we run down the three titles you really have to seek out in February.

As a quick reminder, the PS3 Attitude Big Three takes in UK and European release dates only and is for titles that will be released in February.

1. Devil May Cry 4 [pre-order] [pre-order Limited Edition version] [pre-rent]

Oh how we cried, got angry and cried some more (not really, but some people did) when Capcom took one of our favourite sons to 'other platforms'. Shock horror!

Regardless of whether you have got over their decision or not, Devil May Cry 4 remains true to the series. Outstanding images and set pieces. Crazy combos. Devilish enemies. And slightly camp heroes with white hair. It's all there.

Everything you would imagine you'd like in the first next-gen DMC is included. It's a great game for the month of February but just because it is exactly what you'd expect, it may be one of those titles you rent until completed rather than own. Let's face it, the DMC series was never that big on replay value...

2. Unreal Tournament III [pre-order] [pre-rent]

It's been a long time coming but we finally get to see UT III on this side of the Atlantic this month.

We were genuinely worried that by the time UT III arrived in the UK and Europe that the reports of issues and problems with the US version would have warned us off.

But it seems all is fairly well with the game now and there is no denying it is one of the best FPS titles available on the platform to date.

Add to that the fact that the mod cooker application is now available and in the hands of the best amateur designers out there, and you have a game that will continue to expand and improve over the course of the year.

UT III is a genuinely exciting title and one that comes to us already polished and ready for action after the delay.

3. The Club [pre-order] [pre-rent]

Once again, this is a title I would more likely rent than buy, just in case. In case of what?

Well the demo was fun and this does appear to be a nice twist on the run-and-shoot game genre. But we're worried that The Club doesn't offer enough variety or longevity to be a 'must buy' game.

Having said that, the gameplay is immediately accessible and the premise of scoring points and combos whilst running through a timed level does remind us a little of Chilli Con Carnage, just without the bad jokes and Central American stereotypes.

The Club does have it's own set of stereotypical characters from all around the world of course, and we're hoping there is more depth in their background stories to further push this title up the wishlist.

Against other February releases such as Turok, FIFA Street 3, NFL Tour and Blacksite, we think The Club just pinches it for third place in the Big Three.

You'll have noticed that for the first time we are providing links to both pre-order the game and pre-rent.

We understand that some people prefer to rent certain titles so the pre-rent links will ensure you get an oportunity to try the Big Three out first from one of the UK's leading rental firms - GameFlirt. Anyone opening up a new account will get 10 days free rental as well as a little 'thank you' from us...

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