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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Condemned 2 official website launches

Once upon a time in the land of Sega, a little blue hedgehog was running along collecting pieces of gold in a land of green hills and yellow flowers.

These days, Sega couldn't be further from our furry little friend with the forthcoming release Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Think of it more as a drunken self-destructive hog-of-a-man, running along collecting limbs in a land of blood-soaked walls and spook-filled hospitals.

If you like your games on the edge of sanity where the likes of Manhunt live, you'll enjoy Condemned 2. That's assuming someone doesn't decide to ban it of course. The more cynical of us would expect Sega to make sure this title gets the attention of the regulatory bodies, since that seems to always ensure platinum sales!

If spooky, gore-ridden FPS titles are your thing then check the spangly new Condemned 2 website. It will ask you your age of course, since us adults can choose to entertain ourselves however we see fit... as long as it's legal!

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Anonymous reesimo said...

Condemned 2 features exploding babies. Enough said. Do want!!

20 February 2008 22:33  

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