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Friday, 8 February 2008

Insomniac explain how a Resistance 2 level is born

If here's one RSS feed you should subscribe to, it's the PS3 Attitude RSS feed.

But if there's two RSS feeds you should subscribe to, they are the PS3 Attitude RSS Feed and the Insomniac Games Podcast.

Jauntily entitled the 'Full Moon Show', we download the latest episode of their podcast to our PSP every time it is released - and without fail. It's always fun and more often than not there's a nice tidbit of inside information from the world of Insomniac's developers.

The latest Full Moon Show (Episode 20) had some great Resistance 2 updates. We were treated to the revelation that the entire single-player campaign was going to be playable in 'roughed out mode' by today and that they're having the best fun playtesting the new 60-player online modes.

Best of all, Insomniac decided to let us all in on a few secrets on how a level is born. In fact, they have set up a whole webpage devoted to the subject, with behind-the-scenes drawings and mock-ups.

Swing by the Insomniac site to find out more about the birth of a Resistance 2 level, and then head over to the Full Moon Podcast pages to download or subscribe to the show.

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