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Thursday, 21 February 2008

[UPDATE] Starbreeze and the EA classic, but which one?

EA Partners has announced that Starbreeze, the people behind The Darkness, are working on a secret project to re-invent one of EA's classic franchises.

So which one will it be?

So far all we know is that Starbreeze have been working on the title - known as Project RedLime - for a while already.

"We're already deep in development on Project RedLime and the team at EA is giving us the time we need to perfect our vision. We're excited to bring a new perspective and gameplay innovation to this beloved fiction." - Johan Kristiansson, CEO of Starbreeze Studios.
So what will it be?

Whilst not officially an EA title, the Bullfrog franchise 'Syndicate' has already been touted as a possible option, as has 'Medal of Honour'. Medal of Honour isn't viable as far as I'm concerned, since the last game came out last year and this is meant to be a 'classic' title.
[UPDATE] Maybe MoH isn't so far-fetched after all. Red poppies are a symbol of rememberance for those that fought in the World Wars, and they require soil rich in lime to grow. Hmmmm.

Back in 2006 at the Leipzig GC, Peter Molyneux was quoted as saying "Aside from the licensing complications, some sort of next-gen online version of Syndicate would certainly be popular with gamers".

We would guess the licensing complications could still hold that one back, but Syndicate would fit well with Starbreeze's previous game development experience.

So what else could it be?

Another James Bond title? No, since EA don't have that licence any more - it's with Activision and the new game is due out in November this year.

The Bard's Tale series? Maybe EA want to compete with Ubisoft and their success with Oblivion.
Would they even think of bringing back Magic Carpet? Surely not!

Could it be a new Populous title? I can't imagine that they'd do that without Peter Molyneux on board, and it doesn't fit Starbreeze's CV.

So, let the guessing games begin. Just as long as it's not Caveman Ugh-lympics. Or Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Or any of the Mutant League sports titles. Just let them lie...

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