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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

5 reasons why GT5: Prologue is a full game and not a demo

If there's one Gran Turismo 5: Prologue question I get asked more than anything else right now it is "why should I pay £25 for a demo?".

And it would appear this is not an isolated issue. I see the same sentiment across the 'net and in the glossy magazines that land on my doorstep.

So here are 5 reasons why GT5: Prologue is actually a full game, and worthy of your twenty-five notes:

1. It has (at least) 50 cars in it.

Admittedly this isn't the hundreds of cars that will potentially be available in GT5 when it launches, but 50 cars is about the same amount as you get in Ridge Racer 7 (40 cars) and Motorstorm (keeps changing!). It's nearly the same amount you'd find in a game such as Project Gotham Racing 3 on the Xbox 360 (80 cars). No one considers those titles mere demos. GT5: Prologue also features 'accomplishments' that unlock new cars in addition to the ones it ships with. The original Japanese version came with 37 cars, and reports suggest that the European version will actually ship with more like 60.

2. It has 16-player online racing.

A first for the Gran Turismo series, you can now take your game online and battle up to 15 friends (or enemies) on track. Forza 2 and PGR 3 on the X360 only offer 12-player and 8-player online respectively. Motorstorm allows 16 players online, and once again no-one would argue that any of those three titles are demos.

3. It has a wealth of online features.

As well as the online racing (which actually includes time-limited downloadable races attached to an online calendar), GT5: Prologue features a mix of other online modes. Real-time weather for dozens of real-world racing tracks, GT-TV downloadable content delivering top car programmes and news to your hard drive, the usual mix of online leaderboards, motosport related news tickers and other online features. GT5: Prologue is also planned to work with Home, allowing players to jump in and out of a GT5 Home Space to create a social element to the racing franchise.

4. It has top-level hardware support.

Not only does GT5: Prologue make the most of the PS3 by running at 60fps in 1080p, it also has it's own branded force-feedback steering wheel from Logitech, as well as support for other older Logitech wheels. GT5: Prologue features 7.1ch surround sound. What demo what bother with such features?

5. There's a PS3 bundle and a soundtrack - and it's available via retail.

I've never heard of a demo that spawned a soundtrack before. GT5: Prologue is blessed with an 18-track CD available in Japan for around £12, and there's a new PS3 bundle arriving at the end of March that will come with the game included on Blu-ray disk. Warhawk is another title that is available as a PS Store download and a Blu-ray, and that is certainly not a demo either.

So enough already. GT5: Prologue is a full-blown, bone fide game.

One extra bonus: if you pre-order your copy of GT5: Prologue from GAME right now you'll save a fiver and get it for a shade under £20, which has got to be the bargain of the year so far. Mine's already in the delivery queue.

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Anonymous lostprophet said... - Only £17.99

My pre-orders in

05 March 2008 16:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

$25 isent it $45??(IN CANADA)?

05 March 2008 22:36  
Anonymous Andrew said...

1. like you said it has a fraction of the cars in GT5 and every car in prologue will be in GT5.

2. Demos can have online play too.

3. still nothing special for a demo

4. I recall the Guitar hero demo having special support for some sort of guitar controller.

5. Japan has soundracks for almost everything ever broadcast or put on disk in some other format. and consoles come with demo disks all the time. The fact sony is throwing in a 25 dollar game is insulting especially since it could be free on PSN.

The fact of the matter is prologue's only purpose in life is to be a giant ad for GT5.

06 March 2008 14:49  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Andrew - thanks for your comment.

I understand what you're saying, but it's almost as if the 'net-collective have decided that GT5:P can't just be a sequel to GT4 and a prequel to GT5.

After all, EA churn out year after year of the same football/american football/basketball/etc. game with minor changes each time and no one considers the previous incarnation a demo of the next one.

GT5:P IS a full game - categorically. Heck, it even had it's own demo!

06 March 2008 16:15  

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