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Friday, 28 March 2008

Ask Us; secrets and treats in video games

Q: So I remember that game makers or programmers would add little treats and secrets outside of the games intended program. What is probably the most famous one and why doesn't it seem as common today?
Posted by jockhotty

A: Going back to when I was much younger, I remember 'Easter eggs' hidden inside Microsoft Excel and Word where you could access a hidden flight simulator and pinball game.

Flipping that around then, what games have had hidden office applications?

I can't remember any that fit that specific category, although several text-based adventures did have a 'boss key' that replaced the game with a bogus spreadsheet so you didn't get caught playing at work! Sites like list over 500 hidden 'features' in games and console games that we know about.

Of course, the most famous hidden feature (only because of it's massive notoriety and the sheer column inches it produced) has to be the 'hot coffee' mod in GTA.

What treats and secrets do you remember the most?

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