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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Firmware 2.20 brings BD-Live; PSP playlist and remote audio output features

Planned for release in late March, Sony have just announced firmware 2.20 for the PS3.

2.20 will add Blu-ray Profile 2.0, which is also known as BD-LIVE. BD_LIVE brings the opportunity to take full advantage of interactive features, such as downloadable video content, ringtones, games and more.

In addition to BD-LIVE support, the update will enable photo and music playlists on a PS3 to be copied to a PSP as well as other new features, such as a new audio remote control feature for the PSP. This will allow the PSP to switch the audio output to the PS3 under Remote Play, giving it the ability to act as a remote control for your listening pleasure.

As well as BD-LIVE and PSP playlist features, here's a full list of the other updates 2.20 brings:

  • “Resume play” will enable PS3 to start playing a BD and DVD video at the point it was stopped, even if the disc had been removed.
  • “Audio Output Device” will be a new Remote Play setting, enabling PSP to serve as a remote control for music played through PS3.
  • PS3’s Internet browser will be enhanced: Video files directly linked from a Web page will be able to be streamed, and the browser’s view speed will be improved.
  • DivX and WMV format videos that are larger than 2GB will be playable.
  • “Mosquito Noise Reduction” will be added as an AV setting in the control panel of the DVD/BD player for improved movie playback.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a Toshiba HDTV which is only capable of 480p and 1080i. Prior to the 2.20 firmware, games like Motor Storm and Heavenly Sword which are only 720p games would display at 1080i and the looked quite nice.
After upgrading to 2.20 these two games now only display at 480p and look pretty bad, I no longer play games on my PS3. I am hoping that the next firmware release restores things so that games once again will display at 1080i. Video demos I download from the Sony PS3 store Blu-ray movies continue to display at 1080i.

12 April 2008 15:14  

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