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Thursday, 27 March 2008

IndieCade 2008; Are you the next Jonathan Mak? Prove it!

Everyday Shooter is a great game. After waiting for so long for it to be released in the UK and Europe, it's been one of the PS Store titles we play the most.

The game was created by 'triple-threat' Jonathan Mak. He developed the game, designed all the graphics and produced all the music.

Everyday Shooter is one of the many indie games picked up by IndieCade, an organisation that promotes and shows independent games to the masses. IndieCade exists to educate and provide gamers with a view of what is happening in the indie games scene. They organise events and shows across the globe - we first met them at GameCity in the UK last year.

Another indie title to make an appearance at IndieCade 2007 was Night Journey, the frankly spiritual experience we featured last year at the PS3 Attitude YouTube Channel.

So are you the next Jonathan Mak? If you are, IndieCade is now open to submissions for 2008.

In order to enter you need to be developing a title that has no funding from any of the major publishers. You can personally have deals with these publishers, but the game you're submitting can't.

Any type of game is encouraged, as are 'works in progress' - you must have at least one playable level to be eligible.

You also have to own all the rights (or have permission to use) for the content in the game.

The deadline? Midnight (US Pacific Time) on April 11th, so you have around a fortnight to put in your submission. There's a $25 fee for processing, but the exposure you'll get if your game is chosen for IndieCade 2008 will be massive.

Just look what it's done for Mr. Mak.

Head on over to the IndieCade 2008 submission pages for more details and to enter your game into the fray.

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