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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Phil Harrison is President of Atari-land.

We called this one out when Phil left Sony and now it's come true - Phil Harrison has joined Atari as their new President, looking after group publishing and game development.

Reporting directly to CEO David Gardner, Phil will be tasked with overseeing Atari's studios and help attract new internal and external developers.

Which means that a good percentage of the third-party developers Phil has connected with over the years in his role at SCEWW could well sign up to produce content for Atari over the next few months.

David Gardner recently went on record about Atari's plans for the future:

“We’re rebooting Atari. My vision is to bring the coin-op arcade back home through the web. To me that’s not just re-hashing the old games but it’s re-interpreting them for audiences today.”
Phil is now part of this vision, helping to build Atari's online gaming brand:

"This is the perfect time to join Infogrames and help shape the future of Atari - one of the industry's legendary brands. As the game business moves rapidly online I believe we have an outstanding opportunity to create amazing network game and community experiences for players the world over. I am especially excited to be working on this challenge together with David, one of the most respected leaders and successful executives in our industry."

PS3 Attitude wish Phil the very best in his new role. We look forward to seeing lots of great Atari-branded games appear on the PlayStation Network in the not-too-distant future.

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