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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Want to ask a question?

You'll notice in the left sidebar that we've added a new feature. And you know how we love new features at PS3 Attitude!

Powered by askablogr, you can now ask us a question.

Have a PS3 issue you need answering? Want to know what has happened to a particular game? Need to know more about PS3 Attitude?

Go ahead and pitch your question to us. Keep it gaming, PS3 or site related though. We get to pick and choose which questions get answered, so if there's anything we don't think is on topic, it will simply get pushed aside and you won't get those 5 minutes of your life back.

The best questions and answers will appear here and in our various RSS and Email Subscription feeds for everyone to enjoy.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

when is home coming out to the ps3 ???

28 March 2008 18:23  

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