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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

April Competition; win our swag!

It's the first competition of the year at PS3 Attitude, and we promise you it won't be the last.

During Live we collected a load of swag from all the nice people exhibiting there. Some of it you may have received in your goodie bag if you went along to the event, but we managed to secure some additional items that were held back for VIPs only.

Now is your chance to walk away with over 2Kg of prime swag in our competition.

You have questions, I can tell. Here are the answers...

How do I enter the competition?

Simple. All you have to do to for a chance of winning is sign up for our email update. Click the 'Email' button on the left sidebar, enter your details and then confirm you want to sign up in the verification email that you'll receive.

Then, when you get your next email update (which goes out at around 11:00 a.m. UK time each day) you'll see confirmation that you have entered.

Only 'verified' email subscribers will be entered. That means if you sign up and don't see a verification email appear soon after in your inbox, check your spam folder. Adding news [at] ps3attitude [dot] com to your 'whitelist' or contact list will also help.

What if I'm an RSS subscriber?

That's fine - please continue to subscribe to our RSS feed. It is your way of staying in touch with the news as it happens, since the RSS feed updates each time we send out a story.

But to enter the competition, you need to subscribe to our daily email summary by following the instructions above.

What if I already subscribe via email?

You are automatically entered into this and all future PS3 Attitude competitions! If you stay subscribed, you'll gain a place in every future giveaway.

What is the prize?

One lucky email subscriber (picked at random by our 'supercomputer') will win over 2Kg of swag including:

From Ubisoft - an environmentally friendly cloth bag (not pictured)
From Codemasters - a Lord of the Rings leather bracelet; an exclusive magnetic paperweight
From SanDisk - a baseball cap; a lanyard; a pen (not pictured); a Ducati T-Shirt
From - 2 x Ratatouille keyrings, a 'Spooks' book; 'Ice Age' Extreme Cool Edition DVD
From THQ - Stuntman Ignition metal number plate; Conan mini-comic

Who is the competition open to?

All PS3 Attitude email subscribers worldwide.

When will the winner be chosen?

We'll be picking a single winner from the current list of email subscribers on 5th May 2008. The prize will be sent out within 28 days of the 5th May 2008.

What does all this swag look like?

Click through to our gallery below for some artily blurry and overexposed pictures of all the key components.

Good luck, and look out for an even bigger competition coming this May!

April Competition 2008

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