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Friday, 11 April 2008

PS3iPlayer brings BBC TV on demand

Via our friends at PS3 Fanboy, news of a BBC iPlayer mash-up makes for interesting reading.

A chap calling himself/herself Ixalon has created a website with some clever coding that allows the BBC iPlayer to play videos directly within the PS3 browser.

There is no full-screen playback mode as there is in the actual PC-based iPlayer, but apparently you can get a good size picture using the zoom functions.

Apparently, the PS3iPlayer site and system were set up in a day. Considering the BBC just announced Wii compatibility for the iPlayer, Ixalon has shown how easy it could be for an official PS3 version to be made.

For those of you that don't know, the BBC iPlayer is a PC-based on-demand service for UK TV Licence paying residents that allows you to catch up with your favourite programmes for a week or so after they aired. Similar services are available in the UK from Channel 4 and Sky with their 4oD and Sky Anytime applications.

So if you're an iPlayer user, go ahead and try this out before the BBC stops it from working! It'll certainly give you a small taste of TV on your PS3 whilst we wait for news on the 'should-have-been-released-already' PlayTV PVR.

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