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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Time Crisis 4 gets a UK release date

We've updated the PS3 Attitude Calendar with the news... Time Crisis 4 and the new G-Con gun have finally been given a release date in the UK, according to Game and Amazon, and it arrives on 18th April.

You may have seen our video of the quirky FPS gameplay from Live 08. Outside of this 'unique' playing mode, Time Crisis 4 is pretty much the experience you would expect it to be if you've ever played the arcade.

It has taken a panning in reviews around the world but if you take it at face value, and if you like the Time Crisis franchise, then you'll find something to enjoy about the latest in the series.

The most interesting feature is one that we just can't get a definitive answer on. We have been told by various sources, including SCEE, that the UK version will have online multiplayer for the FPS mode. This would certainly make the title a lot more fun.

However, the current release details available for the game do not mention this, and it is not a feature of the currently released versions in use elsewhere in the world. Whether this multiplayer mode materialises, we'll have to see.

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