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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Firmware 2.35 goes live; no new features

Firmware 2.35 has gone live on the PS3.

Supposedly, this fix is not due to the GTA: IV freezing issues, but when the only update information we can find is "improves the stability of some PS3 titles", you have to assume this is in response to those problems.

According to most people, the GTA issues are limited to 60Gb consoles that ave the hardware PS2 compatiblity, which explains why there are no widespread reports of problems in Europe, since have a 60Gb version that uses software backwards compatibility instead.

We've searched high and low, but if you find a new feature hidden away, drop it in the comments.

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Anonymous Alex S said...

Don't you mean 2.35.

15 May 2008 11:23  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Thanks Alex... yes indeed. The gremlins were at work again this morning!

15 May 2008 12:16  

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