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Thursday, 15 May 2008

GamesAid charity launches tomorrow

New industry charity GamesAid launches tomorrow (May 16th), looking to replace the Entertainment Software Charity (ESC), which seems likely to disappear.

GamesAid arrives without specific fiscal targets or a rigid manifesto, but with an over-arching desire to include everyone from developers to retailers – and even consumers.

It has been established with seven trustees: Greg Ingham, chairman (MediaClash), Andy Payne, vice chairman (Mastertronic), Andrew Eades (Relentless), Paul Gardner (Osbourne Clarke), Sarah Seaby (GameCock), Rupert Loman (Eurogamer) and Miles Jacobson (Sports Interactive).

It is likely that the majority of monies will go to UK children’s charities – although, again, the trustees will look to the industry for guidance.

Look out for more GamesAid news tomrrow.

“It’s important to note that this is ‘an’ industry charity, not ‘the’ industry charity. We won’t be dictating, it’s about creating a broad-based membership which comes up with ideas and inspires each other.” - Andy Payne, GamesAid vide chairman.

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