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Friday, 16 May 2008

Jump 2008; PS3 Attitude Charity Fund and GamesAid

It's going to be a week of big announcements at PS3 Attitude, what with Haze Week starting from Monday, but we're going to get the ball rolling right now with our most important news yet.

You may have seen the news that GamesAid, the new UK video game industry charity, launches today. This new charity will focus on raising funds for children's charities, putting much needed funds into health, housing and social welfare projects.

PS3 Attitude are pleased to announce that we are one of the first industry websites that will raise money for this worthwhile cause.

Taking our inspiration from one of the PlayStation Store's downloadable games, on August 31st 2008 the people behind PS3 Attitude, plus a carefully selected crew of gamers and gaming industry contacts, will leap out of a plane at around 13,000 feet.

Fortunately, each person will be connected to one of the Royal Marines at Aldershot that have graciously offered their time and experience to the cause.

Starting today, PS3 Attitude will be running a 'call for jumpers' that will decide the final group taking part in the event. We, and the entire Jump crew, will then be running fund raising activities across June, July and August until the day of the event, which will be recorded for you to enjoy in the following weeks.

If that wasn't exciting enough, here's the fun part - YOU could be jumping with us!
Yes - we are offering PS3 Attitude readers an opportunity to join the crew for Jump 2008.

If you fit the bill, you can help raise money for GamesAid and tick off one of those 'things to do before you reach 50' achievements off your list. So how do you take part?

You need to be fit and healthy, and because it is a tandem sky-dive you need to weigh less than 14 stone. We will require every potential member of the crew to have a British Parachute Association form completed by their Doctor (who may charge for the service of filling it in; a cost you will have to bear).

You need to have a good network of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, because we will be targeting each crew member with the job of raising at least £1,000.

You need to be free on August 31st and be able to get to Aldershot.

Finally, you must be at least 18 years old.

If you feel you can commit to the fund raising target, that you are up for the challenge and that you're happy to invest a little money with your Doctor, send us an email with your full name, your address, your age and a paragraph or two about why you want to get involved.

We can only take a few people - spaces are limited - and if you are not chosen we will not be able to refund any money spent gaining your Doctor's go-ahead.

Send your details to jump2008 [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.

Look out for more Jump 2008 news soon, including details of how you can sponsor the crew and a range of widgets you can use with your website or social network profile to support the cause.

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Blogger Nick said...

I wish I could just with you, but the whole large body of water separating us thing...

Well, at least I can go to Disneyland anytime I I can't.

19 May 2008 17:46  
Anonymous fanpages said...

...and when you hit the ground, knock off both of your knee-caps & cannot walk unaided for the rest of your life at least you'll have a PS3 to 'console' yourself.

Seriously, if you want to minimize the risk of injury don't do the event in the first place.

Last December, the members of who usually buy/sell their respective gaming wares to each other on a regular basis decided to start a thread to collate any unwanted games that were then sold to raise funds for children's charities. Any games left unsold were simply donated to the kids too.

Much less painless than putting yourself through "Haze week" I would imagine.




22 May 2008 09:45  
Blogger DolphGB said...

That's the spirit we're looking for 'fp'!

Although tandem skydiving is a 'higher risk than crossing the street' event, being with the Royal Marines and getting proper training on the day means any risks are minimised.

And Haze Week has been completely painless - it's a good game, don't believe the anti-hype!

22 May 2008 11:11  

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