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Friday, 23 May 2008

MGS4; 90-minute cut-scenes - do you want them?

The word is out.

According to PSW magazine, who have played MGS4 through to the end, some of the cut-scenes (not one, but some) weigh in at almost 90 minutes each.

90 minutes! That's as long as I expect for a full movie - in fact if movies go over 90 the minute mark they really have to be good or I start to lose interest.

Of course, some people think a 3-hour movie is a good thing.

The good news - you can skip or pause them now, but you might be missing out on the story, which is supposedly epic.

So here's the burning question - do you, the MGS4 buying public, really want cut-scenes that are the length of the average feature film?

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Blogger Robin said...

Of course!!

This *IS* Metal Gear! If you don't want to watch those GREAT cutscenes, just buy a game, whose story just isn't THAT great^^

23 May 2008 12:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mgs and cutscenes go hand in hand
it just proves that theres that much story and that many more secrets left to be told to us

23 May 2008 14:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and to think kojima had to remove some footage due to lavk of space on the BD!! this is gonna be epic!!!!!!

23 May 2008 14:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Snake's last chapter. If it will give us full closure I wouldn't care if one cutscene was over 2 hours. And since the MGS cutscenes are always interesting it doesn't btoher me at all.

23 May 2008 16:41  
Anonymous emogrumpyuke said...

The lengthy cutscenes are part of what defines the MGS experience. And this beeing the last chapter of Solid Snake's saga I couldn't be any happier. It means that all the longtime questions fans have been asking may finnaly be answered in a fitting way.

23 May 2008 18:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why dont they add another disc so that you can either watch it as a film then play the game to its full content with just a small ct scene so you know where you are makes more sense

24 May 2008 06:13  

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