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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

MGS4: the first ten minutes

Yesterday, Konami threw a 'it's done and dusted' party for the press in Tokyo where Hideo Kojima played around 40 minutes of MGS4.

Here's the first ten minutes for your delectation, courtesy of GameVideos.

I don't need to add any witty prose - the video speaks for itself.

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Anonymous Reesimo said...

I'm scared. I can't watch it. I've purposefully not watched any MGS4 vids or trailers since last years' TGS. Just wanna be surprised. This is the PS3's biggest game EVAAR and I don't want to have any of it spoiled. No matter how insignificant the crumbs, they all add up to a cupcake full of spoilage.

14 May 2008 23:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

reesimo, I am exactly like you, i've just glanced over some concluding paragraphs in previews and that is all, I don't want to know anything yet!

19 May 2008 09:03  

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