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Friday, 20 June 2008

100 million PS3 owners this generation

David Reeves, President of SCEE, has been outlining the direction of the PlayStation 3 in an keynote at the DevStation developer conference in London.

Reeves' prediction is that in this generation of consoles, the PS3 will ship 100 million units. As PS3 Attitude have said countless times, we think this is a completely achievable number.

The PS2, for example, shipped 117+ million units. With the PS3 having outsold the PS2 at the same point in time after release, it is not beyond reason to suggest that the PS3 could actually outsell it's predecessor.

“We see the future in the video games industry, certainly in terms of software sales, as continuing to grow – new markets, new demographics, and new games appealing to new sectors of the industry. And the key to the future is the PlayStation Network. Games put straight onto the PSN are the big opportunity.” - David Reeves, SCEE
During the conference, Reeves also spoke about non-games, Sony's rivals, the continued success of the PS2 and the PSP. You can read the entire piece at MCV.

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