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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Afrika not coming to Europe?

We've been big fans of Afrika at PS3 Attitude since we saw it at E3 2007.

The luscious environment and near photo-perfect animals looked like a great 'casual' combination, but it took some time before we got to hear about the gameplay.

We spotted that the game was a 'photo-em-up' when a trailer appeared at TGS 07, and there have been rumours of a pressure pad peripheral that measures how quietly you're approaching your 'prey', although recent listings don't seem to have mentioned this.

In all this time, we've been patiently waiting to ask SCEE about these details - they certainly intimated that they would be able to give us more information in May/June.

However, on chasing we were told that SCEE are not publishing this title in Europe.

We pressed on whether that meant Afrika wouldn't make it to Europe at all, and the answer was "no comment". As others have commented recently, 'no comment' usually means you've hit the nail on the head.

Now that the launch date has been confirmed as August 28th, we'd expect to see the title at Game or Alas, there are no listings.

We do hope we're wrong, and that Afrika will feature over here at some point.

Remember, you can import titles from anywhere as the PS3 is region-free for games, but that certainly will be a hassle in comparison to ordering it locally.

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