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Monday, 30 June 2008

DualShock 3 finally arrives in Europe

It's been a long time coming, but the Dual Shock 3 is arriving in Europe this week.

SCEE have announced the official release date as 4th July, which is only four days away.

The UK is price is confirmed at £39.99.

As a long-time Dual Shock 3 user, I can tell you I prefer it for every game I play, regardless of whether the title supports vibration or not. It has a slightly heavier but more assured feel to it, and the battery life seems better than any of my original SixAxis controllers.

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Anonymous MrGrey said...

As usual we in Europe are the last in the queue, but rest assured the wait has been worth it: I have 2 of these I bought from eBay and they really are a brilliant piece of kit. The build quality is much better than the original sixaxis pads and the dualshock feedback just adds an extra dimension to games.

30 June 2008 16:05  

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