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Thursday, 19 June 2008

European PS Store update for 19th June

Despite some talk that the European PS Store updates were going to slow down, this seems like another credible update. Two demos, a slew of add-ons and the usual videos and themes.

Of course, you may have already played the two demos from the US Store, so for those of you that did, I'm afraid you'll be wondering whether the add-ons are more up your street. And it's likely that if you enjoy playing Warhawk, you won't need the Booster Combo pack either.

But still, it's a reasonable update. Here's the full list:

Demos (all free)

Civilization Revolution
Dark Sector


Warhawk - Booster Combo Pack (Operation Omega Dawn and Operation Broken Mirror) (£4.99)
Guitar Hero III - Coldplay track pack (£3.99)
Everybody's Golf: World Tour - Oceania Resort Course (£2.99)
High Stakes Poker add-on (free)

Videos (all free)

GT Academy Launch Film
Battlefield: Bad Company trailers (x3)
Movement - Old Man trailer
Movement - Preview trailer

Wallpapers and themes (all free)

High Velocity Bowling - Postcard theme
High Velocity Bowling - Bowl theme
High Velocity Bowling - Strike theme
Pain - Nigel theme

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