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Friday, 6 June 2008

GTA shifts 11m; we rest on laurels

Sometimes, I think PS3 Attitude ought to open up it's own gaming industry analyst firm.

One week before GTA: IV hit the streets, we predicted the worldwide lifetime sales figures and the week one sales across both launch platforms.

Here's what we said back then:

GTA: IV will sell the following numbers over the life of the game:

PS3 - 7.4 million units
Xbox 360 - 11.5 million units
Total sales - 18.9 million units

Week One sales will make up an astonishing 25% of those totals, leading us to expect a combined 4.75 million units will hit the streets next week.
Once the week one sales figures came in, it was clear we'd underestimated the percentage slightly (by about 5%), since the game managed close to 6 million copies.

Today, we can reveal that GTA: IV has sold 11 million copies worldwide on both platforms, with a split of around 45% PS3 sales to 55% Xbox 360.

So our prediction of close to 19 million units worldwide across the life of the product seems like it is going to be spot on.

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