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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

MGS 4; PS3 Attitude Perfect Playthrough Plan

This article is intended for anyone who has played through Metal Gear Solid 4 at least once. If you haven't yet completed the game, bookmark this page and return to it after you have finished your first playthrough.

We're trying hard to keep this article 'spoiler free', but there's a chance something you'll read here may ruin your enjoyment of the game if you are a purist - if in doubt, don't read on!

So, you've completed Metal Gear Solid 4 at least once... well done! We hope you enjoyed your first playthrough of MGS4 as much as we did...

If you're still reading this and you haven't completed the game at least once, please bookmark this and come back to it later - this is your last warning!

So, since you've played through once, you've gained your first 'emblems'. You will gain these dependent on how you completed the game. Stealthy players may have gained the 'Inchworm' emblem for spending a lot of time on your stomach, for example. The more gung-ho of you may well have earned yourselves a 'Puma'.

There are 40 emblems to collect, so how do you plan a playthrough strategy that will help you unlock them all? Well, PS3 Attitude is here to help with the Perfect Playthrough Plan.

1. No-kill playthrough with 'Big Boss Hard' mode

Now that you know how to play MGS after your first complete, it's time to ramp up the difficulty.

The perfect no-kill playthrough in Big Boss Hard mode will gain you a number of difficult-to-achieve emblems.

You need to have less than 3 alert phases, zero kills, zero continues, use no rations/Regain/noodles, not use the Stealth Camouflage/Bandana and complete the game in less than 5 hours 30 minutes.

Doing this will get you the Fox Hound, Wolf, Octopus, Hound, Pigeon, Scorpion and Fox emblems.

This playthrough is great practice for the biggest challenge of all...

2. The 'Boss Extreme' playthrough

This is the hardest to achieve, but gains you the most audacious rewards. You need to start with Boss Extreme difficulty.

You then should play the game with zero alerts, zero kills, zero continues, use no rations/Regain/noodles, not use the Stealth Camouflage/Bandana, buy all weapons from Drebin's before the end of the game and complete the whole thing in less than 5 hours.

This incredible feat will net you the Big Boss, Mantis, Raven and Little Gray Emblems

3. The 'Menagerie' playthrough

We've called this one the Menagerie playthrough because it gains you more animal emblems than you'll find in your local zoo...

This is a fun playthrough that involves lots of killing, rolling and generally mucking about with the game. Ready for the checklist?

More than 150 alerts, more than 500 kills (and over 150 headshots), more than 50 continues, use rations/Regain/noodles/anything that restores your life gauge more than 50 times, be in Combat High more than 10 times, pick up over 400 weapons/items, crouch for over 2 hours 30 minutes, lay down for more than 60 minutes, jump or roll sideways more than 200 times, forward roll more than 100 times, cling to a wall for 1 hour or more, scan/inject more than 50 soldiers with the scanning plug/syringe, turn over 100 pages of your favourite Emotion/Playboy magazine, be in a box/drum for over 1 hour, 'hold up' more than 50 soldiers, body search more than 50 soldiers, get praised by the militia/rebels more than 25 times, give the militia/rebels more than 50 items, defeat over 100 enemies with CQC chokeholds - oh, and take more than 35 hours to complete the game.

We recommend trying to complete most of these in Acts I and II, and use the Stealth Camouflage to complete the more difficult elements of the game with ease.

This playthrough earns you the Chicken, Puma, Giant Panda, Crocodile, Cow, Pig, Hog, Hyena, Lobster, Inchworm, Frog, Scarab, Gecko, Bee, Rabbit, Tortoise, Gibbon, Ant, Hawk, Bluebird, Eagle and Bear emblems. It is also the perfect antidote to the Boss Extreme playthrough!

4. The 'Altair' playthrough

There are only two emblems left that you can gain in a single playthrough and they are the Assassin and Tarantula. The Assassin is the key emblem here, as it earns you the Altair costume.

You need to complete the game with over 50 knife kills or knife stuns, have 50 or more CQC holds, have less than 25 alerts, over 250 kills and less than 25 continues.

5. The rest

It isn't possible to work the remaining five emblems into a playthrough, so you will need to gain the Centipede, Spider, Jaguar, Panther and Leopard.

However, it is pretty easy to get these using Liquid Easy mode.

So - you will be playing MGS 4 for at least 60 hours before you can gain every emblem if you include the time you spent on your first playthrough. Who says games aren't good value for money?!

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