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Thursday, 12 June 2008

MGS4; Top 5 secret features

WARNING - Some of the following may contain spoilers...

It's MGS-Day around the world and so we thought we'd kick off with our five favourite game secrets. Kojima-san is famous for his 'extras' and sense of humour throughout the MGS series, and some of our favourite distractions make a return in MGS4 - only with a slight twist.

1. Emotion Magazines

Emotion Magazines are available from Drebin during your first play, but they have a secret contained within. After you have played the game through for the first time, read through the magazines again. A case of 'beast and then the beauty', you might say!

2. Secret interactive scenes

During the game you'll be treated to the usual high-quality cut-scenes. The game will tell you when to press [L1] to access the view through Snake's eyes.

But there are moments, especially in Act 2 when you're in the lab with Naomi, where you want to press [L1] without being prompted. For example, when Naomi reaches for the cigarette. We won't spoil the view, but suffice to say your Psyche meter goes up when you cop a look.

3. Play as Altair

As you'll remember from the April Fool's joke, there is an Altair costume available. Here's how to get it...

After your first play through the game, play again. You need to get greater than 50 knife kills or knife stuns, greater than 50 CQC holds and less than 25 discoveries. A tough challenge indeed, but you'll be rewarded with the 'Assassin Emblem' and the Altair Disguise.

4. Dancing enemies

The iPod in the game comes with a few tunes, but there are loads to unlock along the way. Thankfully, the tune you need for this secret comes with your iPod.

During the 'white world' phase of each 'Beauty Battle', play the song called Oishii Chuhan Seikatsu. You opponent (and Sunny in the video feed in the pause menu) will begin to dance! Don't get too close those - they may still attack.

5. Ghostbusting

There are 30 hidden ghosts in the game, some are famous faces from MGS1 and some are the development team of MGS4.

You need to look through the viewfinder of your camera and have the Sorrow Doll equipped as your current weapon.

When photos that include ghosts are viewed in the photo album, you get an extra option - Exorcise!

So that's our five favourite secrets in the biggest exclusive of the year. Do you know of any more?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im heading to shadow moses and after the save you see MGS1 snake at shadow moses standing behind that cargo container in the snow outside, it must be a dream sequence flashback. its awesome

12 June 2008 17:36  

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