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Thursday, 26 June 2008

PS3 set to deliver worldwide daily news

During the Sony Strategic Meeting in Tokyo today, Sony announced a service that will allow PS3 owners to view daily world news interactively.

The system, billed under their Life with PlayStation brand, allows you to zoom around a virtual globe (not unlike the one in the Folding@Home application) and gain world news from various cities. The service will allow later on for geo-tagged pictures to be viewed on the globe, and is part of a whole slew of non-game services Sony are planning for the future.

The idea is a simple one. Since many people switch on their TVs in the morning to get news of what is going on, Sony want you to switch on your PS3 as well and use that to deliver the information you require, whilst playing music in the background and linking into other services to be announced in the future.

Since this new Life with PlayStation brand has been announced in a Strategic Meeting that concentrated on services that will be launched before March 2009, I think we can assume these new features will appear in the following eight months.

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Blogger Sean said...

This Sounds just like what the Wii Already Does. I am sure they will also offer something that tells you the weather. Truth be told I hate having to turn on two electronics to get my news or weather but I guess I already am since I have to turn on my TV and the STB.

26 June 2008 12:39  
Anonymous used cisco said...

Sure, they're copying the news channel on the Wii, but you know what? It's a cool feature. Every console should have it.

26 June 2008 12:50  
Blogger evelez said...

Sounds cool, the wii does it too, but it is cool the PS3 is getting it too. Can not wait.

26 June 2008 13:09  

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