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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ask PS3 Attitude; Favourite genre? Favourite game?

Q: I've got a question for you, what is your favorite genre of game and what is your favorite game of all time? Asked by kawaii

A: Thanks for asking Kawaii...

My favourite genre?

It's always tough to pick just one. I do enjoy FPS games as well as Action-Adventure, Sports and Racing.

Favourite game of all time?

Now that's almost impossible to answer, but here's a short list of some of my favourites:

  • Manic Miner
  • Sentinel
  • Marble Madness
  • The entire GTA franchise
  • Tomb Raider
  • Almost anything by Bullfrog
  • Starglider
  • Elite
  • MGS 4
  • Gran Turismo (add any number you like, and suffix Prologue where applicable)
  • Prince of Persia (the original)
  • Another World
  • Any Final Fantasy with an odd number at the end, plus X
  • Geoff Crammond's Formula One
  • Most EA Sports NHL, FIFA or Tiger Woods games (but not all!)
That'll do for now - there are so many more!
Ask DolphGB a question.

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Blogger Kawaii said...

So, you like everything then ;)

That's a very wide ranging list, lots of choice there to keep you occupied. I'm assuming that you didn't like FFXII, was that because of the changes they put into the fighting system?

I think for me I'd have to say Jrpgs are my favorite genre, closely followed by FPS. Favorite game of all time has to be Kingdom Hearts 2, nothing can beat that for me. I loved COD4 and MGS4 though, they'd come 2nd and 3rd respectivly. One game I do keep going back to is the Jurassic Park: Project Genesis game on ps2, classic.

17 July 2008 15:59  

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