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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Capcom says 'no' to gore reduction...

Capcom have stuck to their guns (pun intended) and are not going to reduce the amount of gore in the forthcoming Resident Evil 5 in order to lower the age rating of the game.

“We’re never going to create a gore-free Resident Evil title to try and get a lower rating as it’s a game about the horror experience and gore is part of that” - Rhys Cash, Capcom UK's research and planning manager.
Which we believe is a good thing.

RE5, GTA, Manhunt, The Darkness, Condemned.

Adult games made by adults for adults. Rated appropriately.

Just like horror stories (except anyone can buy a Stephen King book) or horror movies, these games are entertainment for those adults that choose to buy them.

I'm please Capcom aren't watering down RE5 to gain a wider, possibly more lucrative, audience for the game. Aren't you?

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