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Thursday, 17 July 2008

E3 2008; Finally, Europe gets the 80Gb

David Reeves has confirmed that the 80Gb PS3 enjoyed by our friends across the pond will finally make it to Europe.

The 40Gb model will be phased out and replaced by the 80Gb, which will launch on August 27th. Has the PS3 Attitude Calendar been updated, you ask? Of course!

The unit will cost £299/€399, which is a straight replacement. Double the HDD space for the same price - good times.

Promotional bundles will appear in September and December at various prices. We can all begin to speculate, but I'm guessing that means we can expect a Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and a LittleBigPlanet promo.

Before being able to ask the most obvious question, David Reeves was quoted as saying "don’t ask if we’re going to go down in price on 40GB – the answer is no."

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Blogger Kawaii said...

I'm glad it's finally coming out over here, and altough I won't get one immediatly I may if my ps3 ever breaks, I have a USA 60gb one at the moment, with a 260gb external HDD attached and to be honest I'm more likely to put in a new HDD is I wanted more internal memory. Sony seems so slow at releasing to Europe, I hope in the futurewe get stuff much quicker.

17 July 2008 11:18  

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